Week 9 Summary

1 Nov

This week I read this great article, “Grid-Based Design: Six Creative Column Techniques“, where it discusses how to make your website unique and interesting. Grid systems keep you organized while bringing balance and visual structure to the website. Not only is it easier for the designer, it also helps the reader by drawing them in to the important elements of the website. You don’t want to have a website where there is no set layout and the information is just spread throughout the page and you don’t even know where to look. Chances are a user will take one look at the website and move on to the next one without even thinking twice. Or maybe they will think about how horrible that website is.

“After creating a well-structured and usable grid, consider allowing it to breath. A page without a grid is a usability nightmare. On the other hand, a grid that has creatively overlapping, escaping, or energizing columns leads to a more enjoyable user experience. Discovering or planning areas of the design that will have some freedom will lead to more interesting and appealing design solutions.”

By adding in creative column techniques you will keep the organized format but add in visual interest. Below are the six creative column techniques that were mentioned in the article.

1. Embracing Disharmony – Break up the harmony to add interest to the content. “Chaos is more interesting than order.”

2. Joining for Variety – Add rows into the design to break up the visual flow.

3. Utilizing Angles – Use images at angles to add visual interest.

4. Escaping Boundaries – Break out of the structure grid, cross over lines, bring attention to the important content.

5. Illustrating Areas – By using overlapping and breaking out of the grid structure you can add visual interest.

6. Energizing Spaces – Use concepts such as asymmetrical balance, proximity, and repetition to achieve balance.



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